Banjole, the island of „Seven Hairs“

Banjole, or in local folklore, the island of „Seven Hairs“ is situated west of the Rovinj peninsula. This tiny island, only 100 m in diameter, has a network of underwater caves that can be accessed from the west of the island. Some of the caves are located on a depth of 7 to 13 m. One of them opens up skyward in the middle of the island. The caves themselves are not that dangerous and inaccessible. All you need is a diving mask, a pair of flippers and a dash of courage. Just take a deep breath, submerge and within seconds you’ll emerge in the shallows under a blue sky. If you have a diving light, by all means take it with you. Observe the rich aquatic life unveiling itself in front of you. Not a bad way to round out your trip, woukdn’t you say?